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Publications at ALM

Publications from faculty of the Department of ALM are available in the DiVA portal. The department publishes also two monograph  series (Skrifter utgivna av Institutionen för ABM and Meddelanden från Institutionen för ABM) and a journal Tidskrift för ABM.

A large number of student theses are available in DiVA and searchable in the ALM thesis search.


De senaste årets (2018) publikationer från ABM vilka finns registrerade i DiVA.

  • Article in journal

    Huvila, Isto; Enwald, Heidi; Eriksson-Backa, Kristina; Hirvonen, Noora et al.

    Anticipating ageing: Older adults reading their medical records

    Part of Information Processing & Management, p. 394-407, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Lauzikas, Rimvydas; Dallas, Costis; Thomas, Suzie; Kelpšiene, Ingrida et al.

    Archaeological Knowledge Production and Global Communities: Boundaries and Structure of the Field

    Part of Open Archaeology, p. 350 350-364 364, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Huvila, Isto; Huggett, Jeremy

    Archaeological Practices, Knowledge Work and Digitalisation

    Part of Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology, p. 88 88-100 100, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Hedemark, Åse; Hampson Lundh, Anna; O´Donell, Maria

    Att göra läsning möjlig för alla: Samarbete mellan bibliotekssektor och biblioteks- och informationsvetenskaplig forskning

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hedemark, Åse; Lindberg, Jenny

    Babies, Bodies and Books: Librarians´ Work for Early Literacy

    Part of Library Trends, p. 422-441, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Hedemark, Åse

    Bevara eller förändra?: En analys av debatter om folkbibliotek i dagspress 2007-2017

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Huvila, Isto

    Bibliotekarien, biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap och digital humaniora

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik - Utbildningsperspektiv på en unik profession, p. 166-190, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Kjellman, Ulrika

    Bilden och biblioteket

    Part of Bibliotekarier i teori och praktik, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rexhepi, Hanife; Åhlfeldt, Rose-Mharie; Cajander, Åsa; Huvila, Isto et al.

    Cancer patients' attitudes and experiences of online access to their electronic medical records: A qualitative study

    Part of Health Informatics Journal, p. 115-124, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Edquist, Samuel

    De enskilda arkiven i historisk kontext

    Part of Enskilda arkiv, p. 13-30, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ahlgren, Per; Colliander, Cristian; Sjögårde, Peter

    Exploring the relation between referencing practices and citation impact: A large-scale study based on Web of Science data

    Part of Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, p. 728-743, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rydén, Reine

    Extreme long-term preservation of information – who cares?: Swedish opinions about nuclear waste information

    Part of Information research, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Rydbeck, Kerstin

    Folkbildningen – en heteronormativ historia eller...?

    Part of Folkbildningens och ABFs idéhistoria, p. 44-84, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rydén, Reine; Berglund, Tobias

    Gallringen av Statens utlänningskommissions lägerarkiv

    Part of Arkiv, samhälle och forskning, p. 48 48-75 75, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Sjögårde, Peter; Ahlgren, Per

    Granularity of algorithmically constructed publication-level classifications of research publications: Identification of topics

    Part of Journal of Informetrics, p. 133-152, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Eriksson-Backa, Kristina; Enwald, Heidi; Hirvonen, Noora; Huvila, Isto et al.

    Health information seeking, beliefs about abilities, and health behaviour among Finnish seniors

    Part of Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, p. 284-295, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Huvila, Isto; Ahmad, Farhan

    Holistic information behavior and the perceived success of work in organizations

    Part of Library & Information Science Research, p. 18-29, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Huvila, Isto

    Putting to (information) work: A Stengersian perspective on how information technologies and people influence information practices

    Part of The Information Society, p. 229-243, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Sundberg, Kristina; Kjellman, Ulrika

    The tattoo as a document

    Part of Journal of Documentation, p. 18-35, 2018.

  • Article, review/survey

    Sköld, Olle

    Understanding the “Expanded Notion” of Videogames as Archival Objects: A Review of Priorities, Methods, and Conceptions

    Part of Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, p. 134-145, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rodéhn, Cecilia

    Vetenskap, religion och ursprung. Valencias museer

    Part of Medusa. Svensk tidsskrift för antiken, p. 18-25, 2018.