DigMus: Empowering Museum Professionals with Digital Skills.Presentation of the preliminary results of the mapping stage

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 4/2007
  • Lecturer: Nadzeya Charapan
  • Website
  • Organiser: Institutionen för ABM
  • Contact person: Isto Huvila
  • Phone: 3420
  • Seminarium

The past decade has witnessed an increasing digital shift, and there has been a growing demand for information about the digitization of, access to, and the preservation of museum collections (NEMO, 2018). Drawing on this perspective, museums have amassed substantial online materials, hence the potential of digital collections in fostering education, research, and visitor engagement has not been f

Museum professionals lack digital skills and knowledge that would enable them to incorporate and harness burgeoning digital content in new and multifarious ways. This project positions itself in the domain of life-long education and targets at museum professionals in the Baltic and Nordic regions. It aims to map and strengthen the existing gap in professional competences and skills that will facilitate a more sustainable and multifold integration of digital collections into museum services. During the seminar, the preliminary findings of the mapping phase will be presented and discussed. 

Nadzeya Charapan is a coordinator of the DigMus project (Uppsala University), a visiting researcher from Belarus, who is finishing her doctoral dissertation about visitor experiences in open-air museums. Her research interests cover the topics of digitalisation in museums and the cultural sector, visitor studies, and communication.