Knowledge organisation and documentation

The research area of knowledge organization and documentation focuses on how knowledge and information are organized in the society and how different types of documents function as carriers of information, how documents are used, organized and what is their role in social and individual life.

A large part of the research on knowledge organization at the Department of ALM puts a particular emphasis on critical analysis of established knowledge organization systems and practices at archives, libraries and museums. A central starting point for the critical study of knowledge organization is reciprocity, how knowledge organization systems are created and changed, and how knowledge organization systems simultaneously have the ability to change reality. Examples of knowledge organization systems are, for instance, museums, archives, library catalogs, encyclopaedia and classification systems, but today more and more knowledge is organized on the Internet in various formal and informal ways using folksonomies, tagging, social networking and semantic web technologies.

Documentation is a closely related area of research to knowledge organization. Instead of focusing on abstract information, documentation studies emphasize the materiality of texts and other objects with a capability to inform us. The documentation related research at the department looks into questions such as how different types of documents created and used, who is the author and how authorship affects the documents and what kind of impact documents can have on the environment. Researchers at the department have studied different types of documents from photographs and images to archaeological reports in collaboration with researchers and partners from the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University Library and the Royal Library.


Following researchers at the Department of ALM pursue studies related to knowledge organization and documentation:
Isto Huvila,
Ulrika Kjellman,
Kristin Johannesson.